General rules for the games: T-FOOTBALL below 

A ::: The playing board is straightened by folding in the opposite direction also the football cards, so they stand upright and can be seen by opponents. After you have played, fold the playing board, so the playing fields faces inwards.


B ::: Each participant receives a playing figure, which is placed in the middle of the playing field: balls and football cards are distributed equally among the participants. With 3 participants compete for the last ball. Participants throw the dice to decide who should start: highest roll starts.


C ::: The playing figure moved the number of squares forward indicated by the dice. In the middlefields you are only allow to move forward, you are not allowed to move back in own track. In the round part of the playing field you move always clockwise.


D ::: If you land on a blank field, then it is next participant turn to play. If you land on a field with drawing and an opponent have a football cards with such drawing, you win the card from him/her and a roll on. If there is only two participants and you land on a blank field, then you roll on. The objective is to get as many football cards as possible, when a participant have most, he/she win the game by hitting the middlefield. You do not need to hit the middlefield to win a game, if you have all 12 football cards. You're still in the game even if you are do not cards and footballs.


F ::: If there is only two participants and you land on a blank field, then you roll on. you place yourself in one of the middlefields another player cannot move his playing figure in a middlefield. When overtaking another participant, you win him / her ball. When overtaking 2 players with the same roll of the dice, you win only 1 ball of your choice and it is the next participant turn to play. If you conquered all 4 balls, you win the game. A match compose of an odd number of games.


T - FOOTBALL can also be played with strategy and question cards - cards are purchased separately.

__________Rules for question cards in T - FOOTBALL__________



A ::: In addition to the other set of rules, you/participant are asked a question by another participant, when you land on a field with the drawing.


B ::: The dice determines whether it should be questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6: if the dice show "1", you are asked to answer question number 1. You have the right to look at the question afterwards!


C ::: If you answer correctly, you continue. Otherwise it is the next participant turn and the question card is placed back in the deck. A question may be asked several times.

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